The Concept of Contract Staffing in India and Why it’s Booming in IT industry?

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From last few years, the concept of contract staffing services has become very prevalent in India especially in the IT industry. Both domestic as well as multinational corporates are resorted the idea and are outsourcing the recruitment via staffing companies to hire the best candidates for a job, full-time or temporary. However, temporary hiring is basically done for short duration basis the project requirements or to fulfill immediate needs for individual positions under special skill sets whereas permanent is required for ongoing or support projects.

Getting the right person with the right skills in the right time is not as easy as it seems to be. It involves many stages like scanning the profiles, shortlisting the candidates, fixing and conducting the interviews, etc. The person or team i.e. Human resource that performs these activities needs to be well-acquainted and experienced in this. These tasks need time and money both and corporate are finding it good to get these work done via IT contract staffing companies. As they are not only experienced in this but also have the resource pool ready to fulfill any urgent or immediate requirement.

Why Contract Staffing Trend Is Increasing in India, Especially In IT Industry?

One of the important and direct reasons was the changing business ecosystem, where companies are under tremendous pressure to fulfill the changing demands of the talent in a minimum time period. Evolving market conditions and technology shifts made the companies be ready with their talent pool or skilled resource before-hand proactively to meet the work demands, thus staying ahead in the competition. This is why contract staffing in India is playing a larger role and becoming an integral partner to the corporate or organizations in meeting their talent demands.

Another important aspect is to make correct hiring of the candidate, which is foremost critical. As we said, technology is changing drastically, every day we are seeing some kind of advancement and newer or better technologies changes. To meet the growing need of these changes, contract staffing companies in Mumbai like Mobikode Pvt. Ltd. is making the workforce ready to match the curve.

Let’s also not forget about the startup trends, it is difficult for the new or small startup’ to manage the human resource functions or activities as they want their time to be focused more on core work. That’s why they find it a good deal to go with IT contract staffing rather than doing it themselves.

What are the Benefits Of Contract Staffing Workforce?
Some of the advantages of Contract Staffing are

1. You can Focus on your Core Business - Hiring is a tedious task and involves many stages. If you remain busy in doing such activities, when will you do your actual business? Getting partnered with IT staffing companies help you to focus more on your core business functions to achieve what you have set as your goal & objective.

2. No overhead expenses - Recruitment involves time and money both. When you do it in-house, you have to set-up a team of the people to manage hiring and related administrative tasks, which require the liability of having a permanent employee and salary as payments. But going for contract staffing helps you to cut such overhead expenses and relieve you from the burden of employment.

3. Gives the Access to Wider Talent Pool – When you do it yourself, you have limited skilled people as your search would be limited but contract staffing companies in Mumbai are specifically working in resource management only where they are always ready with the skilled and experienced candidate. They work on the changing trends or needs of the market and technology; hence always keep the talent pool ready. It becomes easy for the corporate to get the precise candidate for the job in less time to meet the urgent needs of the project.

Contract staffing services are coming out to be a great help for small, medium, or big corporate as they are serving the basic need of any organization. Mobikode Pvt. Ltd. is one such contract staffing company who has a wider talent pool equipped with critical skills, which are difficult to find. If you are also looking out for resources, just Contact us at +91 989 002 4972 or email us at

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