Performance Testing or Perf Testing is a type of testing to assure software applications work well under expected workload irrespective of the features and functionality. Parameters like scalability, response time, reliability and resource usage are the deciding elements of performance testing. We ensure that performance testing provides rapid results for


Rapidness of the software application


Calculating maximum load the software application can handle


Detering the stability under various use cases and environments

We provide a range of Performance Testing services :

Load Testing

A load testing examines the amount of load an application can endure under testing environments. The main goal of load testing is to audit the response time and RAM management of the software when the application is performing properly under heavy load.

Stress Testing

The core idea behind the stress testing is to determine the stress-load an application can withstand and how cautiously it recovers back also known as recoverability. A type of negative testing helps to conclude the users and processes which cannot be handled by the hardware resources.

Spike Testing

A subset of stress testing, ensures performance charactertics in short period of time when the application is under the intense workload and increased loud volumes.

Endurance Testing

Endurance testing or soak testing is a non-functional testing which provides results regarding the application behaviour in extensive and prolonged load environments to test memory leaks, system failures or random behaviour.

Scalability Testing

Providing services of capability testing in terms of the load supported, user management, number of transactions, data volume, daily active users, etc. The aim is to understand the behaviour of the the application on its peak usage and measure benchmarks of scalability.

Volume Testing

The goal of this testing is to study the performance of application under different database volumes.

Top Performance Testing Tools we use

WebLOAD, LoadRunner, Apache JMeter, NeoLoad, LoadUI, OpenSTA, WAPT, LoadImpact, Loadster, Httperf, Rational Performance Tester, QEngine (ManageEngine), Testing Anywhere, CloudTest, Loadstorm.