API testing or application programming interfaces ( APIs ) testing is directly a part of an integration testing model which determines whether the software meets the requirements for functionality, reliability, performance, security, and scalibilty. We provide API Testing services to ensure that the software can be released within short cycles which accommodates the Agile Software and DevOps practices. Systematically testing the three important layers of API includes

  1. Data Tier
  2. Logic Tier
  3. Presentation Tier


Our QA’s make sure that a holistic API testing includes 

  • Functionality testing — the API technically works.
  • Usability testing — the API is easy to work with.
  • Reliability testing — the API can be consistently connected to and lead to constant results.
  • Load testing — the API can handle a large volume of calls.
  • Creativity testing — the API can handle being used in multiple scenarios
  • API testing automation, including SOAP web services and RESTful APIs
  • Support for all industry-standard data serialization formats (JSON, XML, plain text, etc.)
  • Security testing — the API has defined security requirements including authentication, permissions and access controls.
  • Proficiency testing — the API increases what developers are capable to do.
  • API documentation testing — also called discovery testing, the API documentation easily guides the user to use the API

Why API Testing is preferred?

  1. API tests can be easier to handle than conventali UI Tests
  2. API testing helps to cases which are beyond the scope of the traditional testing method
  3. API testing is faster to execute and preferabble by the Agile and DevOps Community