To predict air emissions from oil and gas, refinery sources and petrochemicals, process models are vital for strategy and measurement. For complex systems and processes, advanced process simulations are essential to predict emissions. At Mobikode, we align our development with process engineers to link the gap between engineering and process simulation.

Simulation to augment processes and minimize risks

Simulation is a realistic yet virtual representation of an existing or planned process. Simulation modeling helps to test proposed changes, determine the risk associated with it in real environments and the changes to be performed. Using cutting edge technology for simulation provides rapid decision making, ultimately reducing the cost before implementation.

Our Services

  • Basic simulation concepts.
  • Fundamentals on thermodynamics & selection criteria.
  • What-if analysis to improve plant capacity and output
  • Evaluating environment feasibility
  • Separation systems in process engineering application.
  • Batch distillation and reaction simulation.
  • A fundamental concept of handling of refinery systems.
  • Plant connectivity with steady-state simulation.
  • Documentation and Guidelines on practical problems in process industries.
  • Engineering Design Evaluation

Use Cases

A well designed and planned simulation model can benefit multiple industries to minimize risk and foresee the outcome in their respective industry.

  • Automotive and Transportation
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Food and Beverage
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Architecture, Engineering, & Construction
  • Healthcare & Medical Devices
  • Warehouse and Logistics

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